Why Resistance Is Essential?


Monday, June 21, 2010

"Viva la Vida or Die the Death"

In the beginning of a the new promising year

hope & change seemed to have finally arrived

to the foreclosed home of the brave

and the broken land of the free.

From every corner of Earth

with great joy, awe and expectation

young and old, poor and rich, alive and dead

gathered for the grand inauguration.

The Death optimistically exclaimed:

- Oh… why not celebrate? The dark horse has finally

joined into my administration !

Once on charge Obama asked for orientation.

- Oh Lord…please, tell me how my story begins !

How shall I get out of Irak and global depression?

I’ve great goals, new agendas but same attached strings !

How shall I guide humanity into the new world?

We are closer to the revo than the apocalypse !

-Ah! You silly democrats! The Death responded.

don’t you know about the Global Elite’s agreement?

You’re supposed to keep staging terror and financial crisis

while exporting 'puppetcracy' into the Middle East.

And in exchange of my secrets and a considerable lifespan

you hand me over at least 80 % of humanity.

- So, follow my directions and you’ll succeed in office:

take the ‘Wall Street’ by the ‘Fed’ till you get to ‘Global Bank’

take the ‘Socialist’ exit and turn to ‘Left’ toward ‘Martial Law’

continue for the ‘NAFTA’ super highway toward the South

and look for the ‘North American Union’ Boulevard,

take the ‘Fascist’ way until you find a dead end

then turn right and New World Order will be at your glance.

The Death Continued...

- Obama, you have to look forward and be persistent

in every fascist dictatorship Innocent people had to die,

but for the dead don’t worry for that’s my duty

you just keep the ball running and shall be granted a novel prize.

And the Death insisted.

- Ah! But you must be quick and diligent!

For 2012, Planet X and Christ are almost here.

New children are far more aware than the past generation

They are getting harder to program or falling into autism.

Education, cell phones, Ipod, Disney and Television

are just not enough to put them back to sleep.

- So, all this compromises our agreement !

Now that you know the gravity of the situation

We have to pull the string under your sleeve.

FEMA, Pandemic flu and mandatory vaccination,

with mercury, aluminum, nano-particles and microchip

if they don’t die, at least they will be back into submission.

So, They went to Mexico, the American backyard

for new treaties, secret agendas, and media shows.

After days from their unfortunate arrival

Obama packed his Kenyan passport and said Adios!

Soon flying pigs polluted the air with tragedy

the Death had stayed and launched the pandemic plot.

And this is how began the Obama’s story

and the Death seized the lives of thousands more.

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